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What is Weekly Hockey Deals?

What is Weekly Hockey Deals?

In this historic time of unknowns and uncertainty, it's more important than ever for us to help our customers meet their rapidly changing needs. 

Weekly Hockey Deals is uniquely setup to help consumers, brands, and service providers looking to target the hockey market. Our cooperative-based marketing model offers a secure place for marketing spend during a time of disruption and uncertainty, as our brands are able to measure direct results that not only come from organic search, but from social marketing campaigns. Additionally, brands are able to quickly change their strategy and provide valuable information and products to consumers, then quickly evaluate and understand which products match what the search trends are, and put those products out at the right price points. These unique capabilities exist only in Weekly Hockey Deals, which makes working with our site adaptable, yet accountable, during this highly volatile time.

Our goal as a network is to provide you with guidance so you can continue to effectively respond to consumer trends and overall hockey product needs.

We’ve been closely watching the overall trends over the past month. Soon we’ll be publishing our digital insights that show how products and brands are performing as consumers respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime, let us take a moment to explain the concept behind Weekly Hockey Deals in case you are new to us and how we operate. 

What is Weekly Hockey Deals?
Weekly Hockey Deals is a site that allows hockey product companies and brands, and those wishing to target the hockey market (such as nutrition and fitness brands) promote their products and deals on our website and directly to the consumer in the form of a weekly email. As soon as a site visitor arrives on our site, they are asked if they want to enter their email address and receive a once-weekly email with deals that are exclusive to our site and subscribers. 

We get our customers from our own search marketing efforts, such as blogging, SEO, and overall networking / link building, as well as from physical and digital event sponsorships. The unique part about our marketing strategy, is we also encourage each of the companies and brands who have their products on our site, to use their respective social media pages and blogs to promote their products being featured on Weekly Hockey Deals. This acts as a community marketing network that allows for a small brand to get some of the marketing benefits of a larger brand, by having everyone driving traffic to the same site. The goal being that instead of an apparel brand being unable to target the hockey equipment customer, the hockey equipment brand is marketing the site to their customers and that allows more people coming to our site, to see the products of the apparel brand. And of course, vice versa. 

What we end up with is a large collection of hockey players, fans, and parents all coming to our site for reasons unique to them, and interacting with products and brands they may not have initially been looking for or interested in. We have also created unique promotional verticals within the site that match what other visitors have also looked at, based on their interactions within the site. 

We compile all of this data each week, and put it into a bi-weekly report that helps the companies and brands on our site, adjust their respective strategies for what to offer on our site, and at which price points, to match what our site visitors are looking for.  

We encourage you to visit our site and see what we are about. We make updates to the site each week in an effort to match what our customers on both ends, are asking for and to match what the data shows. We have many additional services coming in the near future, to help the brands and companies on our site and look forward to growing our relationships with all of these great companies.