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Networking Group

As part of our efforts to work with and assist other hockey businesses and professionals, we are starting an exclusive invite-only digital networking group. This group will meet via ZOOM conference, bi-weekly each month. Meetings will last 45 - 60 min and consist of members sharing their business goals and challenges, allowing the other members of the group to offer suggestions, bring in leads to help them with their goals, and share market insights that could help others make smarter decisions with their respective marketing strategies.

This will also serve as a safe and reliable place to present new ideas the members have, and receive honest feedback and suggestions.

The plan at the moment is to allow only one business per product offering. Meaning, there will only be one hockey apparel brand allowed to join, initially.

There will be formal rules each member will need to abide by, which will help keep the group genuine and helpful, not self-serving. This applies to not only interactions within the group, but also to those looking to join the group as a new member. We also plan to allow for guests to join the meetings, however the plan is to limit how many can join each week and the guest will need to be approved. If someone has an issue with a potential guest or member, we want that person to be allowed to voice their concerns instead of being surprised by their presence.

As it is now, leadership is proposed to be:

Michael Hillebrand - President (Stick Wrapz - Weekly Hockey Deals)
Kelly O'Donnell - VP (GoodWood Hockey - Best Shift Consulting)

All invites to the initial start of the group will come from either Michael or Kelly.


Below is a proposed set of rules / bylaws for this new group.

Dues and Fees
There will be NO dues or membership fees for this group.

This really only works if everyone is present and contributing. To that end, we will just ask that you put the day and time in your calendar and let us know if there is a conflict so that we can try to coordinate around it. The calls will be recorded, and we will email it out, so that you can follow along and follow up with those who you may be able to help or have a question for. If it becomes an issue, we will create formal rules.

Quality of Referrals
Take the time to talk to respective individuals in your professional network before passing their information along to a member of the group. It is frustrating for everyone to get a lead, follow up, and that person have no knowledge of what you are talking about. Just be professional and genuinely helpful.


Close of Business Reporting
We will not require any reporting on how much business was closed, or how many leads were actually ones that lead to business. In this sense, this group will be different from traditional networking groups. This will be a GENUINE group of business owners and professionals just trying to help each other as individuals. So this part seems unnecessary.


Member Conflicts
Should a member conflict arise for either two members of a similar industry wanting to join or a complaint against a member by another member arise; The entire leadership team must vote on an action to be taken on the matter (either allowing both members to stay/join or removal/denial of a member).


The rules and process for introducing a new potential member or guest will be determined by the entire group as we start meeting and discussing how we collectively want this to look and work.