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Absolute Filth Wicked Cherry Hockey Wax


Absolute Filth Hockey Wax : Gain total control over the puck and take your game to the next level.

When time is short, and the game is tied. It is time to get dirty. Filthy dirty.

Dump pass and razzle dazzle past the opposing team’s goon squad. Meet the puck on the other side, now it is just you and the goalie. The tacky control of Pure Filth Hockey Wax will assist you in putting the puck in the back of the net with pinpoint precision.

  • Makes Tape Last Longer
  • Soft wax that actively repels ice and water
  • 3” in diameter
  • Hard wax provides tape durability
  • A micro wax to securely anchor the wax to the tape
  • Extra soft wax to allow it to melt easily, even at hockey rink temps
  • Made for elite players who demand performance